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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Kolorex products during pregnancy

As a precaution Kolorex oral products are not recommended during pregnancy. Kolorex topical products are fine to use during pregnancy. Please note Kolorex Intimate Care Cream is intended for external use only (i.e the vulva, not inside the vagina).

Can I use Kolorex products while breast feeding

As a precaution Kolorex oral products are not recommended while breast feeding. Kolorex topical products are fine to use during breastfeeding.

Can I give Kolorex products to children?

We do not have safety studies on the use of Kolorex by children and so safety cannot be guaranteed Because of this we cannot recommend use of Kolorex by children under the age of 12

We have been asked whether its possible to take half a capsule of Kolorex for a smaller dose This is not recommended because the ingredient in Kolorex capsules is very hot a bit like cayenne pepper and may cause a burning sensation in the oesophegus as it goes down if it is taken without the protective capsule DO NOT CUT OPEN A CAPSULE TO TAKE A PART DOSE

Can I take prebiotics and/or probiotics at the same time as taking Kolorex?

There is no harm in taking prebiotics and/or probiotics at the same time as taking Kolorex.  However, when first taking Kolorex, we recommend taking Kolorex on its own to ensure the product can be well tolerated before introducing other products.

If taking Kolorex at probiotics, we recommend taking at different times in the day (e.g probiotic in the morning, Kolorex in the evening).

What is the key ingredient in Kolorex products?

The key to the Kolorex range is Kolorex Horopito leaf This comes from high activity specimens of the traditional New Zealand herb Horopito These plants are grown in their natural habitat and each harvest must pass an independent test for activity prior to use in the Kolorex range

The active ingredient in the Horopito leaf is called polygodial It is the polygodial that is responsible for Horopitos antifungal activity.

Is Kolorex Horopito safe? Are there any Kolorex Side Effects I should be aware of?

The herb has a long history of traditional use and millions of doses of Kolorex® products have been sold in the last twenty years. There are very rare accounts of allergic reaction to genital application of Kolorex® Intimate Care cream. As a precaution do a patch test by rubbing some cream inside your wrist and leave for 24 hours to see if your skin reacts.  Do not use if your skin reacts with discomfort.  In addition, do not use any Kolorex products if you have known sensitivity to any of the ingredients. In case of suspected reaction to any Kolorex product – discontinue use.

Why do Kolorex capsules make me feel unwell?

People occasionally experience nausea or stomach discomfort after taking Kolorex® capsules, particularly the first few times. This may be due to the natural heat of Kolorex® Horopito (similar to cayenne) or it may be due to a Herxheimer (yeast die off) reaction. If the feeling persists we recommend that you cease taking and/or consult a suitably experienced health professional.

Are Kolorex products medicines?

No. Kolorex® products are designed to help maintain general well being. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What makes Kolorex more effective than some of the other products on the market?

The main ingredient in Kolorex products is Horopito Pseudowintera colorata which contains a powerful antifungal active ingredient Research has shown that Horopito is stronger than Pau dArco oregano oil or olive leaf oil extract in helping the body restore its natural microflora balance

Is Kolorex safe for animals?

We have not established the safety of using Kolorex on animals nor have we established any dose regime for use in animals Kolorex is not recommended for animals at this stage

Are chemicals used to make the Horopito extract?

No The extract that goes into Kolorex products is produced by subjecting Kolorex Horopito leaf to carbon dioxide gas under high pressure supercritical extraction This process is acknowledged as the cleanest in the industry because when the pressure is released the harmless gas is removed and there are no residues just extract.

How should I take my Kolorex capsules?

We recommend they be taken on a full stomach and washed well down with water.

What is the recommended dose of Kolorex capsules?

The recommended dose of Kolorex Advanced Candia Care softgels is one capsule per day For a stronger dose regime increase the dose to two capsules per day one in the morning and one in the evening Some customers tell us they take up to 3 capsules per day for a more intense healing protocol

How long can I keep taking Kolorex capsules?

They can be taken long term without problems. We suggest you discuss long term usage with an experienced health professional.

Why do Kolorex creams feel hot when I apply them to sensitive skin?

Kolorex Horopito leaves are naturally hot not unlike cayenne pepper During the extraction process the activity and heat are concentrated so that even the small amount that goes into the creams can produce a sense of heat This can be quite warm for a small number of people if applied to sensitive damaged tissue

Will Kolorex products interact with other herbal or prescription medicines?

There are no reports in the literature of Kolorex interacting with medications however we suggest you discuss medicinal interactions with an experienced health professional

Whats the difference between Kolorex Advanced Candia Care and Kolorex Advanced Intestinal Care?

Both formulations are designed to provide about the same amount of active ingredient The choice comes down to availability and personal preference

The Kolorex Advanced Candia Care softgel capsules contain a concentrated liquid extract from Horoptio leaf Each capsule is standardised to contain 25mg polygodial per capsule

Kolorex Advanced Intestinal Care capsules contain finely milled Horopito leaf and Aniseed in separate capsules These contain a standard amount of Horopito leaf 175mg per capsule The Aniseed capsules also contain 175mg Aniseed per capsule Taken together the Horopito and Aniseed capsules work synergistically and are designed to be just as effective as Kolorex Advanced Candia Care capsules which contain a concentrated extract of Horopito leaf

Whats the difference between Kolorex Advanced Candia Care and Kolorex Advanced Candida Care?

We do have Advanced Candia Care softgels in the US marketplace labelled as “Advanced Candida Care” based on the US regulation. Both of them contain the same ingredients in the soft gels (Polygodial 2.5mg from Kolorex Horopito Extract).

What's the difference between Polygodial 2.5mg and Horopito extract 10mg?

We have repackaged our Horopito supplements which are now available in two different packaging options – Gut Care Candia Balance and Vaginal Care HerBalance, both contain the same amount of Horopito extract and polygodial and are the same formulation as the old Advanced Candia Care (old packaging).

As part of the updated packaging, we now refer only to the key ingredient “Horopito extract” on the packaging. While our products also contain polygodial, the key active in Horopito, we no longer list this on the packaging as feedback this was confusing. However, our Horopito is grown and extracted to provide maximum polygodial activity and every batch is measured for polygodial strength.

Each capsule contains 10mg Horopito leaf liquid extract which is equivalent to 250mg dried Horopito leaf and contains on average 2.5mg of polygodial. This formulation is the same as the previous packaging options.

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