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Meet our powerhouse ingredient

Wondering what makes Kolorex so special? We thought so. That’s why we’re sharing a little about Horopito – the superstar herb behind it all. Let us tell you why it’s such a crowd-pleaser.

Ancient, antifungal – and far from a fad

These days, there are too many wellness trends to count.

Not Horopito. This wonder herb has been around forever. Well, at least for millions of years.

Hailing from New Zealand’s majestic rainforests, Horopito has slowly developed a talent for warding off any forest fungal nasties. Making Horopito an antifungal warrior.

Although long prized by New Zealand’s Indigenous Māori people, Horopito’s antifungal potential has only come to light in recent years.

Now, anyone and everyone can experience the magic of Horopito – thanks to Kolorex.

What makes Horopito a hero?

Gentle on your skin

Our Horopito creams and washes are gentle enough to be used on your skin every day. Phew.

Grounded in research

With nearly 30 years of research behind it, Horopito’s properties are proven – and rather impressive.

Sustainably farmed

Of course, we follow eco-friendly farming techniques for growing, harvesting, and extracting.

From bush to bottle: our plant’s journey

All Kolorex products start with Horopito. And all our Horopito starts out on our farm in beautiful, clean, green New Zealand.

From seed to plant, we use ecofriendly methods for growing, caring for, and harvesting our crops.

Next, we perform the most important part – extracting the plant’s active ingredients.

Our method? It’s called ‘supercritical carbon dioxide extraction’. Super… what? Super simple, ultra-pure, and free from nasties.

Finally, we combine our Horopito extract with hand-selected raw ingredients to create our gentle, soothing range of creams, washes, and supplements. Ta-da!

Find out more about Horopito and the research studies at

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