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8 Tips to Avoid Thrush Naturally

The vagina has a highly adapted ecosystem. It protects itself against Thrush and other infections by maintaining the balance of this ecosystem.

Plenty of everyday things can throw it off the balance. When it’s disrupted Candida is more likely to thrive where it shouldn’t – leading to Thrush, a vaginal yeast infection.

Thrush is a vaginal microflora imbalance that’s super common. Unless you’re one of the lucky few (25%) who don’t experience Thrush at least once in their lives, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Candida symptoms include discomfort, itching and a white discharge resembling cottage cheese.

The vagina is clever

Most of us don’t realize how wonderful and multi-functional the vagina is. It has its own clever strategies to keep Thrush at bay. If we’re familiar with its strategies, we can be proactive and support its efforts to stay healthy.

The vagina maintains a special pH level that protects it from infection, including Thrush. It has probiotic or friendly bacteria that stop Candida yeast from growing. It also has its own unique immune system to defends against a vaginal yeast infection.

The yeast that causes Thrush, Candida albicans, is part of our normal microflora, but it’s an opportunist – it will take advantage and grow out of control if it can. A healthy ecosystem means Thrush is less likely to take hold. Read on for eight easy ways to keep the vagina healthy.

8 self-care tips
  1. Don’t use soap down there

Using soap causes absolute chaos to this delicate ecosystem. Chaos that damages special immune defences, disrupts pH levels, and destroys beneficial probiotics. The vagina is self-cleaning, the vulva (the medical name for the outside part) only needs to be cleansed with warm water once or twice daily. You can also use a pH balanced, natural intimate wash for women, but never ever put soap there.

  1. Wear cotton underwear

Cotton is breathable, it absorbs excess sweat and keeps humidity down. Tight, synthetic underwear creates extra heat, humidity and less oxygen, an atmosphere Candida thrives in.

  1. Limit sugar & refined carbs

Cut down on sugary foods, replace them with healthier low-sugar alternatives. Candida is a yeast that feeds on sugar. Just like baker’s yeast feeds on sugar when you bake bread – it’s the same concept.

  1. Limit alcohol

Alcohol affects microflora balance and can damage the protective probiotic bacteria. Alcoholic drinks that are high sugar are doubly bad news – both the alcohol and sugar mess with the ecosystem.

  1. Wipe front to back

Going the other direction can introduce Candida yeast from the bowel to the vagina. Employing a front to back wiping direction helps prevent this.

  1. Take a probiotic

Taking a probiotic supplement increases colonisation of “friendly” bacteria in the vagina. These are the good guys – they inhibit the growth of Candida, so want to encourage their growth.

  1. Take Horopito

NZ Native Horopito extract keeps the vagina ecosystem healthy. Research shows that Horopito supports the body’s natural response to Candida overgrowth. Horopito is a herbal helper for balanced vaginal microflora.

  1. Take extra care when on antibiotics

Studies show you’re more likely to suffer from Thrush when taking antibiotics, because they disrupt the probiotics that protect from yeast infections.  So, it’s important to be extra mindful of these self-care tips. When you start an antibiotic, you may want to consider taking a Horopito supplement to help maintain a healthy vaginal balance.

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