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Kolsore® Lip Care

Rapid Recovery Through Cold Sore Treatment

3g (0.1 oz) / 5g (0.17 oz)

Kolsore® Horopito for Cold Sore Treatment
Kolsore® Horopito for Cold Sore Treatment
Kolsore® Horopito for Cold Sore Treatment

Kolsore is a worldfirst innovation that is packed full of natures best and most potent ingredients for lip health

Kolsore is designed to support rapid recovery through all stages of a lip outbreak This unique triple action formula is the result of over five years research and development It is the only lip product on the market with patented

Kolorex Horopito extract proven effective against the Herpes virus
Kolsores unique formula is designed to support rapid recovery through all stages of a lip outbreak with its unique triple action

KOLSORE contains three scientifically studied natural ingredients that have been shown to reduce the herpes virus namely Horopito extract propolis extract and lysine

Kolorex Horopito Extract Kolorex Horopito leaf extract is effective at killing Herpes Simplex1 HSV1 virus in vitro The experiments showed impressive results when compared with the market leading pharmaceutical

Propolis Extract Propolis has been recognised for its healing properties for centuries Propolis is a natural substance collected by honeybees which the bees use to sterilise their hives We source our propolis from New Zealand to ensure consistent high quality and purity Propolis is backed by many highquality clinical studies showing its effectiveness for lip outbreaks

Lysine A wellresearched amino acid that supresses the activity of arginine another amino acid which is thought to be a common trigger of lip outbreaks

Kolsore contains a high percentage of Lanolin a skin emollient meaning it helps moisturize and condition the lips Combined with aloe vera Kolsore is designed to soothe and moisturize the lips through the entire lip outbreak This helps reduce pain by keeping the skin supple in the affected area and can reduce the urge to scratch the lip therefore helping to speed healing time and reducing discomfort

Kolsore contains a high concentration of pharmaceutical grade purified lanolin which creates a protective barrier around the affected area keeping the area moisturized a critical factor in accelerating healing Keeping the moisture in is known as semi occlusive wound healing resulting in faster reepithelialization and reduced inflammation at the site of the wound critical factors that promote better and faster healing in skin wounds Kolsore also contains vitamin E which is known for its skinhealing properties

Lanolin Prunus amygdalus dulcis Sweet almond oil Ricinus communis Castor oil Melaleuca alternifolia Tea Tree leaf oil Propolis extract Beeswax Aqua water Kolorex Pseudowintera colorata Horopito leaf extract Lysine Tocopherol Vitamin E Aloe barbadensis Aloe vera leaf juice Copernicia cerifera Carnauba wax

Limonene Component of natural essential oil

RECOMMENDED USE: Apply to the affected area as needed.


  • May cause transient sensation of warmth upon application.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not use if you have known sensitivity to any of the ingredients.
  • Propolis may cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals.
  • If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

I used this product Kolsore twice and the blisters became dry within two days It worked within 2 days I wont leave home without it
Marina NZ


I use this product when I get cold sores and find it works well They heal faster and dont tend to last as long I take in combination with Lysine supplement too
Kimbo NZ


I have just used this product for a cold sore Not only did the cold sore stay contained didnt spread it stayed small and it didnt last as long and healed much quicker I have thrown out the other cold sore product I had which seemed to only make the cold sore worse Highly recommend

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