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Erin Barnett a former Love Island star has joined our #loveyourladybits campaign to remove the taboo around talking about Vaginal Health

Daily Mail

Vaginal Discharge: What’s Normal?

Make sure you have a happy and healthy vagina

“We need to shift our thinking around traditionally ‘taboo’ subjects & embrace our bodies! Erin Barnett partners with Kolorex to launch the #LoveYourLadyBits campaign which is empowering women to talk about our vaginal health, loud & proud!”

Erin Barnett

3 unexpected causes of thrush

(and how to deal, naturally)

Did you know up to 75% of women experience thrush at some stage of their life?

Nutionist Liv Crumpton shared her tips on Instagram for your daily self-care ritual to loving your lady bits.

In response to the fact that a reported 34% of women state that they are too embarrassed to talk about their vaginal health, Kolorex have decided to launch a movement, #LoveYourLadyBits.

Retail Pharmacy Magazine

Yeast infections: What is candida, and can it be treated naturally?


MAJA | Female Health Coach

Who wants a healthy and happy vagina? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Melissa Vranjes, Feminine Wellbeing Expert and Holistic Sex & Cycle Coach talks about Vaginal Care.

What’s It Like Knowing Your Body?

Melissa Vranjes

“When it comes to self-care, we usually think baths, massages and face masks.. But it’s time to bring V care into your self-care routine and give ‘her’ the attention she deserves.”

Lisa Clark

“You need to treat your lady parts just like any other part of your body”.

Sabby Jey

End the Embarrassment – Why We Need to De-stigmatize Vaginal Health.

Caviar Feeling

Breeahn Carter join the movement of #loveyourladybits

“Would love to pass on the recommendation on such awesome products and also normalise the convo around vaginal care.”

Allira Potter

“Your vagina is calling, and it wants its pH back!” Great to have Beck Zemek join the movement of #loveyourladybits

“Many things like heat, sweat, non breathable fibres and stress can upset the natural balance of your vagina’s microflora and using Kolorex Intimate Wash and Intimate Cream can help to restore that balance leaving you feeling fresh and confident 👌🏽”

Alex Lyons

Thrush during pregnancy: How it’s caused, how to avoid it and how to treat it

Vaginal thrush is more likely to develop during pregnancy.

“Let’s talk about vaginal care, embracing our bodies and empowering women to #LoveYourLadyBits with Kolorex vaginal wash & cream.”

Amber Lorraine

“It’s time to take our vagina health seriously and look after this sacred space with Kolorex Vaginal Care range.”

Kath Ebbs

“Ladies our demanding lifestyles can cause our skin to appear out of balance especially in our intimate areas. Kolorex intimate care herbal cream is the perfect intimate care to take on our demanding lifestyle.”


Cassey Maynard leading the charge on getting women talking about topics like Vaginal Health. Women shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about women’s health topics like this.

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