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From bush to bottle. How Kolorex began.

Here at Kolorex, we take wellness seriously. So it’s no surprise that the Kolorex story started with research  and some incredible discoveries about our hero herb, Horopito.

Making you feel phenomenal since 1985

At Kolorex we have one mission to help you feel confident and comfortable in your body

It all began in 1985 And weve been driven by this goal every day since

Thats decades dedicated to empowering women Decades spent creating new products and finetuning our faves to perfection


Woah, Horopito really is a hero

We always knew Horopito was special But our jaws dropped when we realised how unique Horopito is

And it was all thanks to our founder Peter who stumbled across it while researching traditional New Zealand plants

Although he found that several plants that had beneficial uses Horopito was the clear standout

Turns out this little herb has special properties making it especially talented at helping people manage their wellbeing.

Only the best, for the best

You deserve the cream of the crop Or as we like to say the pick of the plant

Thats why we grow only the best Horopito crops for our products

How are we sure Because we inspected all wild populations of Horopito across New Zealand and now know that some have up to five times higher activity than others Quite the overperformers right

So of course we only grow these superior plants.

Sustainably harvested in stunning New Zealand

Our Horopito is cultivated cared for and qualitytested right here in gorgeous New Zealand

By growing and manufacturing the plant locally we ensure it retains all its magic 100 of the time

Our plants are also sustainably harvested This way we respect Mother Nature while producing our products.

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